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Tourism Minister: No damage to Machu Picchu, railway repairs expected to be completed in 8 weeks

Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Martín Pérez, said Tuesday that Peru’s top tourist attraction, Machu Picchu, was not damaged following torrential rains, mudslides and floods that washed out roads and railroad tracks  leading to the 15th Century sacred Inca citadel. Pérez told Radio Programas Peru he expects repairs of […]

Peru government announces creation of anti-corruption commission

Peru’s government announced the creation of an anti-corruption commission on Tuesday that will design strategies and policies aimed at promoting ethics, transparency and anti-corruption in the country’s civil service and among private citizens. The High Level Commission for Anti-Corruption will be lead by the president of Peru’s judicial system, Javier […]

Congressional Health Committee opens investigation into cases of medical negligence

The president of Peru’s Congressional Health Committee, Hilda Guevara, said Monday that Congress will investigate recent cases of medical negligence in public hospitals, private clinics, and the National Children’s Health Institute.

Peru Defense Minister: Armed Forces should be responsible for responding to natural disasters

Defense Minister Rafael Rey said Monday he will propose to Peru’s presidential Cabinet that the country’s military be in charge of responding to natural disasters, following torrential rains, mudslides and floods that have devastated the country’s southern Andean region.