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INCB: Cocaine production increases in Peru; down in South America

The International Narcotics Control Board, in its annual report released on Wednesday,called on Peru’s government to enhance its programs to reduce the country’s growing illicit cultivation of coca and consequent drug supply. The United Nations agency said in its 2009 report that the area used to cultivate coca leaf – […]

Trade deals expected to create 40,000 jobs over 10 years

A study by the Inter-American Development Bank says Peru’s free trade agreements with the United States, China and the European Union will create at least 40,000 jobs in the Andean country over the next 10 years, the Ministry of Labor told state news agency Andina. The national director of the […]

Cusco tourism office proposes alternative trail to Machu Picchu

An alternative hiking trail to Machu Picchu is being proposed by the head of Cusco’s Regional Office for Foreign Trade and Tourism, Víctor Hugo Pérez, to allow tourists access to the sacred Inca citadel earlier than expected. Pérez said that if the Piso de Valle trail is approved by the Machu Picchu […]

Gold and iron ore production up in January, other key metals down

Gold and iron ore production in Peru increased last month by 14 percent and 32 percent, respectively, compared to January 2009 levels, while the production of other key metals fell, the Ministry of Energy and Mines said in a statement on Tuesday. Gold production last month totalled more than 15.8 […]