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More than 122,000 airplane tickets to Cusco sold during tourism campaign

More than 122,000 airplane tickets were sold during a joint campaign between Peru’s public and private sectors to promote tourism to Cusco after access to Machu Picchu was closed in late January. “The campaign has done very well in the internal market,” state news agency Andina quoted Foreign Trade and […]

Congress to form commission to investigate lawmaker’s alleged ties to drug trafficking

The president of Peru’s congress, Luis Alva Castro, said a commission to investigate lawmaker Nancy Obregón’s alleged links to drug trafficking will be formed by May 6. The commission to investigate Obregón – a member of Ollanta Humala’s opposition Nationalist Party – will be made up of six legislators, state […]

Peru Congress passes law banning smoking in public places

Peru’s congress approved a law on Tuesday banning smoking inside public places, including workplaces, hotels, restaurants, bars and casinos, daily El Comercio reported. The General Law for the Prevention and Control of Tobacco Risks will give business owners a maximum of one year to adapt their business to the new […]

Peru aims to plant 80 million additional seedlings by 2011

Peru’s government is planning to spend an additional 45 million soles, about $15.8 million, to plant 80 million seedlings by 2011, state news agency Andina reported. Agriculture Minister Adolfo de Córdova said the cost is about a third of the normal price. “Normally it would cost 1.50 soles ($0.52) per […]