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Natural gas from Camisea decreases electricity costs by 30 percent

Deputy Energy Minister Daniel Cámac said Tuesday the cost of electricity in Peru has decreased by 30 percent due to natural gas production in the Camisea gas fields, located in the country’s south-eastern Amazon basin. Cámac said some companies have been able to save more than 50 percent of their […]

Foncodes invests $4.2 million in VRAE development projects in 2009

Peru’s state development cooperation fund, Foncodes, said Tuesday it invested more than 12 million soles, about $4.2 million dollars, last year in 55 social projects located in the area that covers the Apurímac and Ene river valley’s, known as the VRAE. The area includes 31 districts in the departments of […]

Peru opens trade deal with China and reaches agreement with European Union

Peru opens trade deal with China and reaches agreement with European Union

A free trade agreement between Peru and China came into force on Monday, 15 months after President Alan García and his Chinese counterpart, Hu Jintao, wrapped up talks to seal the trade deal. The official opening of the trade pact with China comes a day after Peru finalized negotiations for […]

Peru donates aid to Chile following magnitude 8.8 earthquake

Presidential Cabinet Chief Javier Velásquez said Monday Peru is planning to send three planes to transport health professionals and humanitarian aid to assist neighboring Chile following the massive magnitude 8.8 earthquake that struck that country early Saturday morning. The planes will also be used to repatriate Peruvians living in Chile […]