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Garcia plans cabinet shuffle after presenting 2011 budget

President Alan Garcia is planning to reshuffle his Cabinet after presenting a plan for next years budget, daily Gestion reported. Garcia had announced last week his plans to make changes, which may include Economy and Finance Minister Mercedes Araoz, even though the president has previously denied her removal from the […]

Peru has region’s second most attractive investment climate

Peru’s investment climate is the second most attractive in South America after Brazil, according to a survey of 166 executives by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC). Eighteen percent of those surveyed said Peru was the most attractive in the region for investing, compared to 41 percent for Brazil. Colombia was third in the […]

Peru seeks recovery of $323 million from corruption cases – including Fujimori and Montesinos

The Peruvian state is looking to recover more than 904 million soles ($323 million) for civil reparation in corruption cases, prosecutor Julio Roca said. “It is important to start and take actions to get the fastest results possible,” state news agency Andina reported Roca saying. The reparations come from 84 […]

Peru exports to Brazil via Transoceanic South highway could start by year’s-end

Peruvian exports to Brazil via the Transoceanic South highway may start by the end of the year, state news agency Andina reported Peru’s Foreign Trade and Tourism Minister, Martin Perez, as saying. “There are high expectations for the use the Transoceanic South in both Brazil and Peru,” Perez said. “Authorities […]