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El Niño: 50 Years Between the “Fuertes”

By now most people have heard of El Niño, if only to know the name refers to some kinds of abnormal weather. The definition of “abnormal” varies widely with geography, though. For people who live in Indonesia, Australia, or southeastern Africa, El Niño can mean severe droughts and deadly forest […]

Araoz quits presidential bid following APRA support for Del Castillo

Araoz quits presidential bid following APRA support for Del Castillo

The presidential candidate for Peru’s ruling Aprista party, Mercedes Araoz, quite her campaign on Monday after weeks of an internal conflict with party stalwart Jorge del Castillo. Araoz submitted her resignation to the Special Election Board (JEE), which officially removes her from April’s general election, daily El Comercio reported. Araoz, […]

Peru’s GDP expands by 9.98 percent in November

Peru’s economy expanded by 9.98 percent in November, the 15th consecutive month of growth for the South American nation, state news agency Andina reported. The construction sector led the monthly growth climbing 23.8 percent, followed by manufacturing at 14.4 percent, the report said. In the first 11 months of 2010, […]

Peruvian exports to China rise 31 percent with FTA

Peruvian exports to China have climbed 31 percent to $3.99 billion in the 10 months since a bilateral free trade agreement came into effect, according to foreign trade association ComexPeru. Traditional exports represent 95 percent of Peru’s total exports to the Asian giant. They increased 31 percent since March, with […]