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Quake-hit Pisco to get priority in government housing program

Peru’s Cabinet Chief Salomon Lerner Ghitis said Thursday that the southern city of Pisco, which was widely damaged by a massive 2007 earthquake, will receive preference in government housing programs. “The lower income population affected in this city and the others affected by the quake in 2007 will have preference in […]

Congress approves Humala’s first cabinet following speech by Lerner Ghitis

Peru’s Congress approved President Ollanta Humala’s cabinet presentation Thursday  following an address by Cabinet Chief Salomon Lerner Ghitis and a 90-minute question time answered by some of his 18 ministers. “I want to ask, in the name of the government, for a vote of confidence so that this cabinet, with the […]

Atahualpa’s Ransom & Other Treasure Fables

Atahualpa’s Ransom & Other Treasure Fables

McCune had reportedly “encountered an Indian of great age, who might be described as the last of the Incas, and who had revealed where the really rich deposits lay.” Who blew the whistle is unclear – perhaps one of the wealthy Delawareans – but in May 1915, McCune was arrested in New York City on charges of mail fraud. “McCUNE GIVES BAIL; NOT IN INCAS’ GOLD,” the New York Times headline quipped.

Prior consultation bill sent to Humala after approval in Congress

Peru’s Congress has unanimously approved a bill to implement prior consultation for indigenous communities that could be impacted by development projects, mainly in the mining, energy and agricultural sectors. The bill was the first approved by the new Congress, which was formed in July following the general election in April. […]