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Peru Declares Emergency In Prison System

Peru’s government has declared an emergency in the penitentiary system, in an attempt to improve security conditions in the country’s notorious prisons. The emergency, which was published in the official gazette El Peruano, allows the National Penitentiary Institute, or INPE, to create investment proposals above 10 million soles ($3.73 million) […]

Peru Shining Path Leader Transferred To Counter-Terrorism Police

Peru Shining Path Leader Transferred To Counter-Terrorism Police

Peruvian police on Wednesday transferred Florindo Flores, the head of the Shining Path remnants in the Upper Huallaga Valley, from the police hospital to the counter-terrorism office for interrogation, newspaper El Comercio said. Flores, alias Comrade Artemio, was being treated at the police hospital in Lima’s Jesus Maria district after […]

Chile Re-opens Border After Clearing Landmines Dislodged by Flood

Chile re-opened its border crossing with Peru Wednesday morning, after closing it for emergency security reasons. Thousands of travelers on both sides of the border had to wait 48 hours until the restrictions were lifted. The border was closed Monday after the Seco River in Arica flooded, dislodging anti-personnel landmines planted […]

Tacna To Request Closure Of Maximum Security Prison

Peru’s southern Tacna region is to ask the government to close the maximum security prison where 17 inmates escaped on Sunday, state news agency Andina reported. Tacna’s regional cabinet will send a letter to government palace, the office of the prime minister and Congress to formally make the request. Tacna says […]