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International Analysis: Insurmountable Odds

By Wael Haddara ≈Op-Ed≈The Mark News≈ There has been a barrage of opinion pieces attempting to explain what happened in Egypt on July 3, most of which present a rather superficial and simplistic analysis. One of the most common explanations, for instance, is that Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi – and, […]

Peru Ahead on U.N. Millenium Development Goal Targets for 2015

Peru has reached the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals of  reducing the infant mortality rate and also the extreme poverty and poverty rates, in advance of the 2015 target. The announcement was made by United Nations representative Rebeca Arias in Lima this week. Arias said the poverty reduction has been […]

International Analysis: The Hybrid Age

By Parag Khanna ≈Op-Ed≈The Mark News≈ To survive in tomorrow’s world, people will need to have a high technology quotient (TQ). Just as the IQ became a yardstick of intelligence in the 20th century, the TQ will become a measurement of how well we meet the technological upheaval of the 21st. […]

Fujimori takes to Facebook and Twitter to garner support

Fujimori takes to Facebook and Twitter to garner support

Former President Alberto Fujimori, with the help of “some young people and close collaborators” is taking to Facebook and Twitter to share his “thoughts, memories, dreams, sorrows and joys” with a broader public.   His writings from his prison cell in north Lima are part of his “Memoirs from Imprisonment.” […]