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Peru’s Regional Governments Call for State of Emergency to Curb Crime

The leaders of Peru’s Regional Governments are calling on the government to establish a state of emergency to combat the rise in violent crime, according to daily El Comercio. The request from the National Assembly of Regional Governments comes after several high-profile killings this year in Peru’s provinces. Last week, […]

International Analysis: Unintended Consequences

Op-Ed by Joshua Foust —The Mark News — It’s one thing to win a battle. It’s quite another to win the war. It’s the difference between tactical agility and strategic forethought. According to the way the Obama administration chooses to measure things, it’s making significant strides in the “War on […]

International Analysis: Resurgent Regional Terrorism — A Sinister Threat

Op-Ed  by Emile Nakhleh —The Mark News — The global significance and relevance of Al Qaeda has been questioned since the death of Osama bin Laden. Former director of the CIA’s Political Islam Strategic Analysis Program Emile Nakhleh argues that “Al Qaeda central” has numerous regional affiliates across Africa and the […]

Humala Salutes Peru’s Rating Upgrade by Fitch

President Ollanta Humala said Peru’s credit rating upgrade by Fitch highlights the Andean country’s strong economic growth to the world amid uncertainty in international markets. On Wednesday, Fitch raised Peru’s credit rating to BBB-plus, from BBB. It said that the upgrade was due to Peru’s fiscal balance sheets, macroeconomic stability […]