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Peru, Chile Sign Accord to Pinpoint New Maritime Border Coordinates

Peru, Chile Sign Accord to Pinpoint New Maritime Border Coordinates

Peru and Chile on Tuesday signed an accord establishing the final coordinates for a maritime border that had been under dispute for decades. The signing of the agreement, which was done at the Foreign Affairs Ministry in Lima, was called “historic” by Foreign Affairs Minister Eda Rivas. “It is a […]

Report: Peru Reaches Deal with Protesting Informal Miners

Peru’s government reached an agreement with informal miners that have been protesting throughout the Andean country over efforts to regulate their activities, daily Peru.21 reported. Thousands of informal miners began protests last week to pressure the government to change a deadline and other conditions for them to regulate. The miners […]

International Analysis: Accountability in the Shadowland of Intelligence

By Loch K. Johnson — The Mark News — In 1975, I served as the assistant to Senator Frank Church (D-Idaho), chair of an investigative committee tapped to examine media allegations about illegal domestic spying by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The 16-month inquiry confirmed that much of the work done […]

Reports Point to More Political Violence in Ancash

Political violence in Peru’s Andean region of Ancash continued, as another candidate for regional president and an anti-corruption prosecutor received death threats. Newspaper La Republica reported that opposition politician and political candidate for the regional president of Ancash, Juan Calderon, received a funeral flower arrangement. The delivery of the wreath […]