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Analyst: Peru Needs 5.5 Percent Growth to Continue Reducing Poverty

A leading business organization in Peru says the country needs to maintain annual economic growth of at least 5.5 percent in order to lower poverty, according to state news agency Andina. Cesar Peñaranda, the chief economist at the Lima Chamber of Commerce, said that poverty could rise if yearly growth is […]

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Peru Approves Billion Dollar Package for Natural Disaster Prevention

The Finance Ministry said Wednesday that the government has approved a legislative package that is to provide about 3 billion soles ($1.07 billion) in investments for the prevention of natural disasters. Finance Minister Luis Miguel Castilla said the package will provide funds to the national government, regional governments and municipal […]

Central Bank Defends Exchange Rate Policy From Finance Minister

Central Bank Defends Exchange Rate Policy From Finance Minister

Central Reserve Bank Governor Julio Velarde defended the country’s monetary authority from comments by Finance Minister Luis Miguel Castilla, who criticized its foreign exchange rate policy. Castilla criticized the Central Bank this week for intervening in the foreign exchange market, which he said has prevented a faster de-dollarization of the […]

International Analysis: America’s Grim Legacy in Iraq

By John Tirman — The Mark News —  The Iraq War is now eleven years old, still tearing up the country but no longer with the assistance of U.S. troops.  Between 500,000 and 700,000 people died in 2003-2011.  The monthly civilian toll now is as high as it’s been since […]