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International Analysis: The Molotov Cocktail of Race and Religion in Malaysia

By James Chin — for The Mark News — Last week, the highest court in Malaysia ruled that the Catholic Church cannot use the word “Allah” in its publication The Herald. The government argued that the word “Allah” is unique to Islam, and restricted its use to Muslims. This goes against […]

Peru Receives Two Bids for Southern Pipeline Project

Peru’s government received Thursday two proposals to build and operate a major gas pipeline in the country’s south that is expected to require billions of dollars in investment. The state agency responsible for promoting investments, ProInversion, said it received bids for the concession for the Southern Peruvian Gas Pipeline from […]

Peru Business Group Praises Arrest of Anti-Mining Governor

Peru’s biggest business group praised the judiciary for arresting the anti-mining regional president of Cajamarca, who is accused of corruption allegations. The president of Confiep, Alfonso Garcia-Miro, said that Cajamarca Regional president Gregorio Santos should be held to account for causing poverty in Peru’s poorest department. “He hasn’t just committed […]

Cajamarca President Santos Arrested on Corruption Charges

Cajamarca President Santos Arrested on Corruption Charges

Gregorio Santos, president of the Cajamarca region and the most prominent leader in the protests against the Conga gold mine project, was detained June 25 and charged with allegedly committing the crimes of unlawful association, bribery and collusion. After a five-hour hearing, Justice Mercedes Caballero ordered that Santos be detained for […]