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Peru’s Poverty Rate Falls to 22.7 Percent

Peru’s poverty rate fell again in 2014, according to the latest government statistics released on Thursday.  The rate, however, is the lowest in several years — 1.9 percent— which is a direct result of the slower growth of the GDP, at 2.4 percent in 2014. The national statistics institute, INEI, […]

The Price of Peace: Why War is Bad for People but Good for Business

Op-Ed by William D. Hartung — The Mark News — Some truths are best left unsaid, particularly in polite company. So it came as somewhat of a surprise when an analyst at Deutsche Bank posed the following question to Marillyn Hewson, the CEO of Lockheed Martin, in a recent conference call […]

The Master Plan: Machu Picchu Reconceptualized

The Master Plan: Machu Picchu Reconceptualized

By Rick Vecchio ✐ Peruvian Times Contributing Editor ☄ An ambitious master plan for Machu Picchu was approved a few days ago that calls for a dramatic “reconceptualization” of the Inca Citadel, backed by a proposed $43.7 million* makeover of its tourist infrastructure. A striking feature of the 2015-2019 plan is how it frames and deals […]

Humala Says Peru No Longer World’s Top Coca Producer – Report

President Ollanta Humala claimed Tuesday that Peru is no longer the world’s top producer of coca, the raw material used to make cocaine. Humala said Peru had dropped its production level thanks to anti-drug strategies that include coca eradication programs and the seizure of chemical precursors used to produce coca […]