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What’s in a Name? Somalia ‘s Al Shabab Memo Jeopardizes Journalists

Op-Ed by Hassan Gesey — The Mark News —  More than 50 journalists have been killed in Somalia since the civil war started in 1990. It is the most dangerous place for journalists to operate in Africa. The jihadist terrorist group Al Shabab attacks military and civilian targets and routinely […]

Education Ministry Recognizes 24 Languages from Peru’s Amazon

Education Ministry Recognizes 24 Languages from Peru’s Amazon

Peru’s Education Ministry officially recognized the alphabets of some 24 indigenous languages, mainly from native groups from the country’s Amazon rainforest, daily Peru.21 reported. The measure makes the use of the languages a requirement, when necessary, in all public institutions in Peru in dealings with the different language communities. The […]

Signs of El Niño: Seabirds Found Dead on Lima Beach

Hundreds of seabirds, including pelicans and cormorants, have turned up dead on a beach in Lima’s southern Chorrillos district, newspaper La Republica reported. The birds, found along the shore at Villa, are believed to have died from starvation as a result of the El Niño weather phenomenon, according to the report. […]

Peru Posts Strong Economic Rebound in April

Peru’s economy posted a strong rebound in April, driven by improvements in the mining, fishing and manufacturing sectors. The national statistics agency INEI said that Peru’s gross domestic product grew 4.25% in April versus the year-earlier month, its best rate in 13 months. In the first four months of this […]