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Peruvian Bourse, Currency Dragged Down in Global Sell Off

Peru’s stock market and currency were battered on Monday, following sharp declines in global stock markets and emerging market currencies. Stock markets in the U.S., Europe, Asia and Latin America were rocked by concerns about the health of China’s economy, which has slowed sharply leading the government to devaluate its […]

Peru’s Mining Investments Total US$4 Billion in January to July

Peruvian mining investments totaled US$4 billion in the first seven months of this year, according to the National Mining, Oil and Energy Society (SNMPE). The investments, which are a key driver of Peru’s economy, are largely due to spending at the Las Bambas copper project and an expansion at the […]

Finance Tightens — Peru joins the Troubled Ten

By Nicholas Asheshov Morgan Stanley has told its clients that its MSCI division, which monitors international markets, is preparing to downgrade Peru from EM, Emerging Market, to Frontier status. MSCI has also expanded its Fragile Five 2013 list —Brazil, Turkey, India, Indonesia and South Africa— to its Troubled Ten for […]

Prisoners Paid for Pardons, Witnesses Testify

Prisoners Paid for Pardons, Witnesses Testify

The first two witnesses at the so-called  ‘narco pardons’ trial this week have  stated that  the Pardons Commission set up during President Alan Garcia’s administration granted reduced sentences or full pardons only to convicts who paid for the  privilege. During the six-hour hearing held at the Piedras Gordas prison in […]