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State-owned TV Peru is to launch a news program in Quechua as part of a government policy to end ethnic and cultural discrimination.  Culture minister Jorge Nieto said the program will be broadcast as of 5 am, to reach the broader rural population of Quechua speakers. Both TV Peru and […]

Unprecedented Changes

Unprecedented Changes

By Francesco Femia and Caitlin Werrell — The Mark News — The greatest migration since World War II continues. Refugees are flowing in record numbers from around the world. It is a humanitarian crisis of the highest order. The cause of this migration is often war and conflict. However, that explanation only […]

Criticism Builds on Congressional Choice of Central Bank Directors

The left-wing Frente Amplio party in Congress has presented a motion to annul the election by Congress last week of three members to the Central Reserve Bank’s board of governors. At the same time, student leaders from the private Pacifico and Ruiz de Montoya universities and the state university of […]