Join Exploratory Expedition for Inca Ruins

Andean Research Project October, 2016

An Invitation to join our next expedition

We are organizing a small team of explorers and adventurers to participate in our next Andean Research expedition in Peru’s remote Vilcabamba, last refuge of the conquered Inca state and land of mist-shrouded mystery.

Led by American archaeologist Gary Ziegler and Peruvian expedition expert Edwin Dueñas, we will cross the wild, glaciated Pumasillo range on sturdy mules and horses to reach a high cloud-forested region in search of undocumented Inca ruins.

If you are fit, adventurous, interested in ancient mysteries and can swing a machete you are invited to join our small team. (We don’t go to Machu Picchu but if you have not been there and want to go, we can work that in at actual cost as a courtesy for team members.)   

As with all of Gary and Edwin's expeditions, this one comes complete with top notch equipment, well cared for and trained pack animals and horses, excellent food and Gary’s signature “happy hour” cocktail gathering each night after dinner.

The Agenda:

Day 1 - Flight to Lima

Day 2 - Arrive Cusco - organization time

Day 3 - Travel day to Huancacalle

Day 4 - Explore the old Neo-Inca capital, Vitcos and the sacred Inca shrine at the White Rock.

Day 5 - Follow an old Inca trail upward toward the Pumasillo (Puma’s Claw) massive. Camp is packed by mule train. We can ride most of the way but will need to hike in some places.

Day 6 - A long day of travel to eventually camp in a wild, high region west of Machu Picchu. We cross a number of rugged canyons, passing near several glacier formed lakes teaming with Andean birds.

Day 7 - Crossing a deep canyon, we travel up again to reach another spectacular camp

Day 8 - We continue travel, mapping and clearing a lost Inca road as we go

Day 9 - Today we reach our final research destination. A comfortable camp is set up which we will base out of for the next several days.

Day 10 - 11 Explore, photograph and survey several groups of undocumented Inca structures. We hope to identify what they may have been, when they were constructed and how they may have been connected with distant Machu Picchu.

Day 12 - After breaking camp, we travel downward to the road connection at the town of Santa Teresa. We enjoy rooms in a small lodge, showers and a city meal that evening.

Day 13 - We travel by private van back to Cusco in time for a deserved night out and last get-together. (Machu Picchu Option: For some who may want to visit Machu Picchu, it can be done today.) A shuttle vehicle connects with the railroad end below the site or one can hike 11 kilometers to reach the MP staging entrance. Afternoon train returns to Cusco.

Day 14 - Mid-day flight to Lima and home.The Details:Consider arriving a day or two before the project begins. Visit the excellent museums in Lima and enjoy time in Cusco. Our staff makes all the arrangements. We meet you on arrival at Cusco’s airport. All lodging is covered while on the agenda in Cusco and in the field. All meals are included except the several while in Cusco.Transportation other than flights is covered. The cost is pretty much all inclusive - not a bad deal for genuine exploring and contribution to solid scientific research.