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President Garcia criticized for proposed law some say designed to help Fujimori

  Criticism is mounting against a proposed law that President Alan Garcia wants to fast-track through Congress to simplify trial procedures — a move some believe could allow jailed ex-President Alberto Fujimori to sit out his upcoming trials on corruption and human rights abuse charges. The executive bill, marked “urgent,” […]

by · November 27, 2007 · Comments are Disabled · Crime, Law & Justice, Politics

Ten ex-ministers sentenced for 1992 “Auto Coup” ahead of Fujimori trial

The Special Criminal Sector of Peru’s Supreme Court has found ex-Interior Minister Juan Briones Dávila guilty of rebellion and kidnapping charges during ex-President Alberto Fujimori’s 1992 self-coup, local Peruvian media reported Monday. Briones has been sentenced to 10 years in prison and ordered to pay 50,000 soles, or about $16,500, […]

by · November 27, 2007 · Comments are Disabled · Crime, Politics

Government to push for permanent registry for ex-convicts sentenced on terrorism charges

President Alan Garcia is preparing a bill that would require all Peruvians who have served prison sentences for terrorism to periodically report in with authorities for the rest of their lives, Cabinet Chief Jorge Del Castillo said Monday. “What we are seeking is a law that says, ‘You have been […]

by · November 27, 2007 · Comments are Disabled · Insurgency, Politics

Stone blocks at Machu Picchu are 250-million-years-old

Peruvian geologists date stone blocks used in Machu Picchu’s construction to 250-million-years-old. The study’s co-author and geo-scientific director at the Geological Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (INGEMMET), Víctor Carlotto, told Agencia Andina the stones were formed three to six miles below the earths crust. “Through the process of uplifting in […]

by · November 26, 2007 · Comments are Disabled · Archaeology