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Huanuco military base attack, one soldier killed

An attack on a military base in Peru’s coca growing Huanuco department has left one soldier dead, daily El Comercio reported. The attack occurred early Monday morning at the base located in Huanuco’s Leoncio Prado province. Authorities believe that drug traffickers are responsible for the assault in retaliation to the […]

Defense Minister: New equipment will allow military to defeat drug traffickers in VRAE

Peru’s purchase of modern military equipment will allow the country’s Armed Forces to defeat drug traffickers in the isolated coca growing areas that cover the Apurímac and Ene river valley’s, known as the VRAE, Defense Minister Rafael Rey told state news agency Andina. Rey said that for a long time […]

Devida: Peru to spend $32 million in 2010 on counternarcotics programs

Peru’s government will spend 93 million soles, about $32 million, in 2010 to combat drug trafficking, according to the head of the anti-drug agency Devida, Rómulo Pizarro. Pizarro said last week that 40 million soles, or $14 million, will be used to finance sustainable development projects in the coca growing […]

INCB: Cocaine production increases in Peru; down in South America

The International Narcotics Control Board, in its annual report released on Wednesday,called on Peru’s government to enhance its programs to reduce the country’s growing illicit cultivation of coca and consequent drug supply. The United Nations agency said in its 2009 report that the area used to cultivate coca leaf – […]