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IGP: National tsunami alert system will take a year to install

A national tsunami alert system that Peru’s government is planning to purchase will take at least a year to install, according to the chief of Peru’s Geophysical Institute, or IGP. “The most optimistic is one year because it is not a system that you can find on a shelf, you […]

President García announces national earthquake disaster prevention program

President Alan García launched a national program on Wednesday to develop an earthquake disaster prevention program in Peru following the magnitude-8.8 earthquake that hit neighboring Chile last Saturday. García said engineers will conduct surveys of buildings at risk of collapsing during a powerful quake. The program will primarily focus on […]

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Peru donates aid to Chile following magnitude 8.8 earthquake

Presidential Cabinet Chief Javier Velásquez said Monday Peru is planning to send three planes to transport health professionals and humanitarian aid to assist neighboring Chile following the massive magnitude 8.8 earthquake that struck that country early Saturday morning. The planes will also be used to repatriate Peruvians living in Chile […]

Yungay 1970-2009: remembering the tragedy of The Earthquake

Yungay 1970-2009: remembering the tragedy of The Earthquake

By Annie Thériault —- Thirty-nine years ago this Sunday, on May 31, 1970, an undersea earthquake off the coast of Casma and Chimbote, north of Lima, triggered one of the most cataclysmic avalanches in recorded history – wiping out the entire highland town of Yungay and most of its 25,000 […]