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Human Rights Court Blocks Attempt by Congress to Oust Constitutional Justices

Human Rights Court Blocks Attempt by Congress to Oust Constitutional Justices

The Inter-American Court of Human Rights, IACHR, has told Peru to suspend a process currently in Congress against four members of Peru’s Constitutional Court.  The suspension will be in force until early February, when the case will be heard by the IACHR. Last week, the congressional sub-commission on Constitutional Accusations […]

Peru Releases 78-Year-Old Man who Languished in Prison for Decades

Peruvian authorities have released a 78-year-old man who has spent 37 years in prison, 27 years more than his original sentence. Juan Navarro Acuña was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 1976 for killing his mother. At the time, the sentence was the maximum penalty for murder, according to […]

Fujimori says he is innocent of human rights violations, points finger at García and Belaunde Terry

By Annie Thériault Former President Alberto Fujimori took the stand in his own defense Friday, tackling the prosecution’s allegations that he is guilty of sanctioning the Colina Group and of failing to prevent human rights violations committed during his 1990-2000 rule, and pointed fingers at Peru President Alan García and former […]

No quorum, no election: internal tug-of-war straightjackets Peru’s highest court

Three judges did not show up for a scheduled election in Peru’s highest court, sabotaging a vote to choose the new head justice and forcing Judge Carlos Mesía to step aside as interim president. Mesía, a purported ally of Peru President Alan García, was openly accused by one of his […]