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Facebook May Soon Be Available in Aymara

Speakers of Aymara, the indigenous language common in the Andes of southern Peru and the Altiplano of Bolivia, may soon be able to use Facebook in their own language. An online community based in Bolivia, called Jaqi-Aru, has been working over the past two years to translate some 24,000 words on […]

Lake Titicaca water level drops 2.6 ft this year

Water levels on the world’s highest navigable lake have dropped 81 cm (2.6 ft) in just seven months, since April this year, according to the Binational Lake Titicaca Authority, ALT. The lake’s water level rises and falls frequently, as can be seen in the graph. The sharper fluctuations are caused […]

Lake Titicaca strangled by pollution: more than 12 million cubic meters of sewage water dumped yearly, fish poisoned by mercury

The uncontrolled dumping of sewage waste and tailings produced by more than 30,000 small-scale miners are causing widespread environmental damage in Lake Titicaca, the largest lake in South America and the highest commercially navigable lake in the world.

Ramon Castilla’s Dream

Ramon Castilla’s Dream

By Paul Goulder On March 6 Capt. Carlos Saavedra stepped down from his command of the oldest working single-screw iron ship in the world, the Yavari. We might say that she is, together with her sister ship the Yapura (today the Navy’s BAP Puno), not only the oldest but also […]