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Peru Eurobond Issue— A Lemon, Shows Government Financial Confusion

By Nicholas Asheshov ✐ The minister of Finance, Alonso Segura, is patting himself on the back for selling €1bn worth of bonds on the European market at 2.75% above the ECB base rate, which is as everyone knows  an eyelash above zero. This brings the amount borrowed by Peru on the international […]

The Berlin Wall 1989, Peru Elections 2016

By Nicholas Asheshov ✐ Deutsche Bank, DB, Germany’s flagship financial institution, has announced that for the past quarter it has lost $7 billion and for the first time in half a century it will not pay the dividend on which tens of thousands of German families rely.  A big part of […]

The IMF Says Gloom But Not Yet Doom for World Finances

By Nicholas Asheshov ✐ The IMF/World Bank AGM in Lima this past week wrapped up with an unusual contrast between confusion and organization. The organization came from, in good part,  Peru.  The Economist commented breezily that President Humala’s decision to make the Friday and Saturday a national holiday, thus freeing up Lima traffic, was […]

World Bank, IMF Meeting Opens Window for Peru’s Next Step Up

By Nicholas Asheshov — The World Bank/IMF meeting in Lima this coming week is the biggest, most prestigious get-together of the year for bankers and finance people.  Anyone who is anyone from anywhere will be here, has to be here, and it is a great thing, for Peru.  It puts the country firmly, perhaps […]