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Paul McCartney, the Maharishi and Me

Paul McCartney, the Maharishi and Me

Nicholas Asheshov, Editor of the Peruvian Times during the 1970s and 1980s, recalls how in the Swinging London of the 1960s Sir Paul McCartney, who plays in Lima on Monday 9, helped him to his first break. —- I first met Paul McCartney in a Kensington drawing-room in 1967 when […]

Country Notes: Why Easter is so late this year

By Nicholas Asheshov Every afternoon this week, including Monday – which in Cuzco was the Day of Our Lord of Earthquakes – thunder has battered the steep sides of the Urubamba Valley.  This is very unusual.  Normally thunderstorms announce only the beginning of the rains in October and November.  Normally […]

OP-ED – The 2011 Election: Facing a leap back to the bad old days

By Nicholas Asheshov Special to the Peruvian Times With the short end of a week before voting on Sunday, April 10,  the first round of Peru’s presidential elections has lurched into a curtain-raiser to a bitter run-off featuring a stark choice between business-as-usual+plus and Chavez-style grab-it statism. The polls say […]