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Peru Congress gives new premier Yehude Simon’s six-part plan vote of confidence

Peru’s Congress gave premier Yehude Simon’s six-part plan a vote of confidence Friday, after a five-hour long debate. Simon’s plan, which includes fighting corruption, pushing forward with decentralization, improving citizen saftey and preparing Peru ahead of the global financial crsis, was approved 62 to 16, with 10 abstentions. After Simon’s […]

Peru Congress incorporates congressional expenses allocation to salaries

In a move that was initially criticized, Congress voted 61-17 to incorporate the allocation for expenses into their monthly paycheck. The allocation does not become part of their wages per se, as it is not included in pension and health insurance benefit contributions, but it will be automatically paid without […]

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Peru congressman faces 100-day suspension for shooting down neighbor’s pet Schnauzer with unlicensed rifle

It doesn’t look like Congressman Miro Ruiz will get the forgiveness he asked for when he admitted to lying about gunning down his neighbor’s pet Schnauzer with an unlicensed rifle. Congress’ Ethics Commission voted late Wednesday to impose a 100-day suspension, pending a ratification vote by the full legislature. “There […]

Peruvian congressman lambasted for allegedly gunning down neighbor’s Schnauzer puppy

Peruvian legislators are frequently hit with a wide array of scandals: Everything from run of the mill nepotism for hiring a relative or friend for a no-show job, to more lecherous shenanigans, like getting caught on videotape begging a teenage office assistant not to press charges for sexual abuse. But […]