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Putin’s Breakout Year

Putin’s Breakout Year

By William Pommeranz — The Mark News —  2016 saw a major step toward Vladimir Putin’s vision of the world – it remains to be seen if the United States and Europe will remain committed to challenging this vision, or will seek to accommodate it. This year marked the 25th anniversary […]

International Analysis: Russia, Repression And The Rule of Law

Op-Ed by William Pomeranz and Kathleen Smith — The Mark News —  Any battle between the Russian state and its political opponents has always been an unequal contest, since the state brings an overwhelming superiority to such confrontations. This disparity is as true today as it was during the Soviet […]

International Analysis: How Strategic Is Putin?

By Ali Wyne — The Mark News — The judgment that Russia’s incursion into Crimea resulted from American weakness downplays more influential factors. The role that Ukraine plays in Russia’s narrative of post-Soviet atrophy, for instance, suggests that it would also be central to any Russian effort to restore its […]

International Analysis: Making Sochi the “Terrorism Games”

By Mark Galeotti —The Mark News — What is the price of security? Three billion U.S. dollars, it seems, as far as the Russians are concerned. Even in the midst of an economic slowdown, they have committed unparalleled resources to protect the Sochi Winter Olympics from jihadist terrorists, who largely hail […]