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Ombudsman’s Office Calls For Better Regulations For Police During Social Conflicts

Peru’s national ombudsman has proposed that the government approve regulations that determine the precise means and methods for the use of force by police officers during social conflicts, state news agency Andina reported. The proposal follows recent clashes between police and protesters. Earlier this month, three people were killed when […]

Barclays: Peru Needs Systematic Solution to Social Conflicts

Barclays Capital said Peru’s government needs a systematic solution to social demands in the mining sector, rather than “putting out fires” amid opposition to individual projects. “The issue is political since we have seen social demands that need to be resolved systematically or structurally and not necessarily by putting out fires,” […]

Garcia Backs Humala’s Approach to Conga Protests

Garcia Backs Humala’s Approach to Conga Protests

Ex-President Alan Garcia, in one of his first interviews since leaving office in July, told Radio Programas this week that he backs the government’s efforts to advance the Minas Conga gold and copper project. Garcia said that President Ollanta Humala’s cabinet chief, Oscar Valdes, was responsible and serious in seeking […]

Interior Minister Valdes Calls for Regional Govts to Take Role In Preventing Conflicts

Interior Minister Oscar Valdes said Friday that Peru’s police will be seeking greater cooperation from regional governments to prevent social conflicts, state news agency Andina reported. “We will ask the regional governments to start to lead proposals, to look at the problems that their population has and encourage a dialogue, because […]