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Antimicrobial Resistance: A challenge for the post-2015 agenda

By Ramanan Laxminarayan — The Mark News — The year 2015 marks the target date for completion of the eight United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), a set of objectives laid out by world leaders in 2000 with the aim of, among other things, improving global health and preventing the spread […]

Peru’s Maternal Mortality Rate Down 50% in Last 10 Years

The maternal mortality rate in Peru has declined by 50% over the past 10 years, according to government figures reported by LaMula. The Health Ministry said that the rate of women who die during childbirth has declined to 93 per 100,000 live births, compared to a rate of 185 a […]

Peru Ahead on U.N. Millenium Development Goal Targets for 2015

Peru has reached the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals of  reducing the infant mortality rate and also the extreme poverty and poverty rates, in advance of the 2015 target. The announcement was made by United Nations representative Rebeca Arias in Lima this week. Arias said the poverty reduction has been […]