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Clearing the Streets

Clearing the Streets

By Aniruddha Dasgupta  — The Mark News —  India is breaking records, but for all the wrong reasons – its cities are choking on smog. According to the Health Effects Institute, India has surpassed China in health risks from air pollution. The rush toward personal vehicle ownership and city streets […]

International Analysis: Imagining A World Without Violence

Op-Ed by Etienne Krug — The Mark News— Imagine a threat that endangers the lives of well over a billion people. Even when it does not kill you, it may leave you with physical and emotional scars that last a lifetime. You may be more prone to depression, anxiety, and […]

Antimicrobial Resistance: A challenge for the post-2015 agenda

By Ramanan Laxminarayan — The Mark News — The year 2015 marks the target date for completion of the eight United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), a set of objectives laid out by world leaders in 2000 with the aim of, among other things, improving global health and preventing the spread […]

Peru Life Expectancy Increases – WHO

Life expectancy for men and women in Peru has increased significantly over the past two decades, according to the latest figures from the World Health Organization. According to WHO, the life expectancy for both women and men in Peru was 79 years in 2012, compared to 69 years for men […]