Bus Accident near Cañete Claims 19 Lives

A bus in the south Lima province of Yauyos drove off a 200-meter cliff, killing 19 of its 55 passengers.  Others are seriously injured, most of them with multiple fractures.  The more seriously injured have been taken by several ambulances to hospitals in Lima, while minor injuries are being treated at the hospital in Mala, an hour south of Lima.

According to police from the town of Calango, a mechanical failure caused the accident, on the highland road near the town of San Juan de Viscas, three hours from the coast.  The bus belonged to the Santa Rosa transport company.

Death toll from Chanchamayo accident rises

Meanwhile, the number of people killed in a bus accident in Chanchamayo 10 days ago has risen to 45, as police and a local rescue team recovered five more bodies this past weekend.  Police say that three other passengers are still missing, including a 4-year-old child.  The Empresa Turismo bus skidded off the high winding road near the Virgen tunnel, on the Tarma-San Ramón road, and crashed into the Tarma River.

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  1. I can honestly say I have never in my life lived or been in a country where its people are so ignorant to what is blatantly obvious- the roads are appalling- drivers are even worse and thousands of people die each because of this. But what is being done about it? Nothing.

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