Ministries team up to launch projects for communities in voluntary isolation

Peru’s Culture and Health ministries are coordinating a joint campaign aimed at providing services to indigenous communities that are in voluntary isolation, state news agency Andina reported.

The ministries will invest $1.8 million on projects, such as vaccination campaigns, in Cuzco’s lower Urubamba region, Culture Minister Juan Ossio said. The funds are being provided by the Argentine oil company Pluspetrol.

“We are going to form a working group to implement projects that are going to be financed with this amount,” said Ossio.

Providing vaccinations to the communities is important because the individuals can become ill when they come into outsiders, such as illegal loggers, he said.

“We have talked with families from these non-contacted or voluntarily isolated populations, that before were in this situation and now they are not, to see the way that they can be vaccinated,” Ossio said.

Other requirements for these communities includes providing titles for land and a National Identity Document (DNI).

On June 14, experts on indigenous groups that are in voluntary isolation will hold a symposium at Lima’s Museo de la Nación to discuss challenges facing the populations.

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