Coffee Exports Up 72 Percent in January to September

Peru’s coffee exports brought in a record $914 million in the first nine months of this year, 72 percent higher than the $530 million from the year-ago period, the National Coffee Board said Wednesday.

In the January to September period, the volume of Peru’s coffee exports rose 16 percent to 3.16 million quintals.

Cesar Rivas, the president of the National Coffee Board, said in a press release that Peru’s coffee exports are expected to total a record $1.3 billion this year thanks to higher prices and good crops.

However, Rivas estimates income in 2012 will be lower due to an increase in global coffee supply and the lack of liquidity by importers due to the global economic uncertainty.

“Those aspects will surely influence the price in the market, and as a result lower earnings for our exporters,” he said.

Rivas said the coffee board has seen a decrease in exports of organic coffee. He said that many importers limited their purchases of organic coffee because they didn’t want to pay the extra $20 to $30 per quintal.  A quintal is equivalent to 46 kilograms.

The preference by price will affect many small organic coffee farmers, Rivas said, and the Coffee Board’s agenda needs to find solutions to make organic farming profitable.

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  1. deborah sletten says:

    I purchased Peruvian coffee last week. It was very good. I understand importing coffee which does not grow here in Oregon what I don’t understand is why does Oregon export potatoes to Costa Rica and Panama so very far away when potatoes are so abundant in Peru so near!

  2. N3 - Nubian News Network says:

    We are curious to know how much of a profit Nestle has shown since this spike in exports has occurred and how it came to be.

    Did our government (Peru) relax its restrictions or did the large corporations redirect to a new port of call in another region?

    Sitting from the other side of the table, we would like to know if the quality of life has improved for those working on the coffee plantations, given that profits grew drastically and out of nowhere.

    What do you think? Good luck or strategic business deals?

  3. brigget horan says:

    this is amazing i never knew that coffee could be this expenceve

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