Foreign Trade Ministry: Peruvian exports up 42 percent in February

Peruvian exports totaled $2.57 billion in February, a 42 percent increase over the same month last year as international demand for commodities, among other goods, recovers.

Traditional exports were up 49 percent to $2.04 billion, while the value of the country’s non-traditional exports grew by 19 percent, the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism reported.

Exports from Peru’s traditional sectors that saw the greatest growth were crude oil at 765 percent, agriculture products at 243 percent, zinc at 185 percent, copper at 108 percent, and oil derivatives at 85 percent.

The largest growth from non-traditional products included ironwork and metallurgical products at 75 percent, art crafts at 53 percent, non-metallic minerals at 33 percent.

Peruvian exports to Europe and North America grew by 50 percent and 30 percent, respectively.

German imports of Peruvian goods increased by 282 percent, while exports to Finland were up 130 percent and 105 percent to Italy.

Exports to Asia were up 61 percent, with Japan leading at 261 percent and South Korea at 196 percent.

Meanwhile, in South America, Peruvian exports to Uruguay increased by 119 percent in February over the same month in 2009, 61 percent to Argentina and 51 percent to Chile.

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