Tourism chamber calls for audits of tourist planes after Nazca crash

Peru’s national tourism chamber Canatur has proposed technical audits for airplanes that provide tourist services over the famed Nazca lines after a plan crashed earlier this week, state news agency Andina reported.

Six people on board the plane were killed. They included four British tourists in addition to the pilot and co-pilot.

Canatur called for the intervention of authorities from the Transportation and Communications Ministry to conduct the audits.

“It is extremely important that this planes have rigorous technical supervision,” Canatur said. “This failure results in insecurity and losses, which harms the image of tourism in the south and in Peru in general.”

In February this year, another plane crashed after a flyover of the Nazca lines. Seven people were killed in that incident.

The Nazca lines are one of Peru’s most popular attractions. Tourist planes routinely fly over the ancient geoglyphs, which are miles long and depict living creatures like monkeys, llamas, hummingbirds and spiders. UNESCO says the lines were created between 500 B.C. and A.D. 500, and are among the world’s greatest archaeological enigmas.

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