Transparency Puts Peru at 85th in Corruption Ranking

Transparency International, the corruption watchdog, has released its global ranking of corruption, placing Peru in about the middle of the pack.

The annual report on the perception of corruption in the private sector ranked countries on a scale of zero to 100, with 100 being free of corruption and zero very corrupt.

Peru got a score of 38, which placed it at 85th in the ranking, tied with Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago.

Corruption is one of the top concerns among Peruvians, along with crime, according to opinion polls. This year, several regional presidents have faced accusations of corruption, and some have been detained and are facing criminal charges.

The Andean country was ranked as the fourth least corrupt in South America, behind Chile, Uruguay and Brazil, Diario 16 reported.

The most corrupt country in Latin America was Venezuela, which came in at 161st with 19 points.

In the world, the most corrupt country was a tie between Somalia and North Korea, both with just eight points.

The least corrupt country was Denmark, with 92 points.

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