Peru’s government has recuperated $184 million from Fujimori regime; some $6 billion still missing

Peru’s government has recuperated $184 million from the $6 billion that “disappeared” during the administration of jailed ex-President Alberto Fujimori, RPP radio station reported anti-corruption prosecutor Pedro Gamarra as saying.

Since prosecutors began investigations nine years ago, they have opened 428 criminal trials and 145 preliminary investigations, Gamarra said.

He added that during the Fujimori administration from 1990 – 2000, the privatization of public companies totalled $7 billion. The privatization of the Peruvian Telephone Company (CPT) to Spanish telecommunications giant Telefónica in 1994 was worth $2 billion.

At the end of Fujimori’s administration the public treasury held $500 million. Prosecutors estimate that Fujimori’s government spent approximately $1 billion on public works, leaving the remainder of the funds unaccounted for.

Gamarra said he is currently working on recuperating 80 million soles (about $27 million) from TV-mogul José Enrique Crousillat.

Crousillat, the former owner of America Television, fled to Argentina in 2001 when he was caught on hidden video with his son, José Francisco, receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes from ex-spy chief Vladimiro Montesinos in exchange for favorable coverage of former President Alberto Fujimori’s regime in the 1990s.
He was extradited from Argentina in 2006 and sentenced to eight years in prison. He was pardoned, however, last December by President Alan García.

In March, García reversed the pardon granted to Crousillat, who went into hiding after a Lima judge issued an arrest warrant for the former TV owner.

Gamarra said he has sent requests to authorities in Argentina to seize security boxes held by Crousillat. He has also sent requests to the United States to seize a multi-million dollar apartment Crousillat owns on a Florida island, and taken possession of two houses he owns in Lima.

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  1. Transparency International says the amount stolen is US$ 600 million, no US$ 6 billion. Proof: http:// files. transparency. org/content/download/479/1974/file/2004_GCR_PoliticalCorruption_EN.pdf

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