Peru’s President-elect Kuczynski Calls for Unity, Dialogue and Conciliation

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First vice-president Martín Vizcarra and second vice-president Mercedes Araoz flank President-elect Pedro Pablo Kuczynski and his wife, Nancy Lange.

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski is the new President-elect of Peru, according to the results given this afternoon by the National Electoral Process Office, ONPE.

In a brief meeting with the press and members of his Peruanos por el Kambio team, Kuczynski said it was now time for unity, conciliation and dialogue, to work together to reach the country’s bicentennial in 2021 as “a renewed country.”  A more formal press conference will be held when the National Elections Board, JNE, formally pronounces his election.

In a press conference this afternoon, Mariano Cucho, head of the elections office, ONPE, said that 100% of the ballot records have been processed, with the results giving Pedro Pablo Kuczynski 50.12% of the votes and Keiko Fujimori’s 49.88%.  The difference is 41,438 votes.

However, although all the ballot records have been processed, there are still some that need to be tallied and a few others that have been challenged and are awaiting the decision of the National Elections Board, JNE.  Of over 1,500 challenged records, more than 850 had been solved earlier in the week.

“Nobody, absolutely neither party, can call a victory yet,” said Congressman Pedro Spadaro, a spokesman for Keiko Fujimori’s Fuerza Popular party. He was echoed by congressman Rolando Reategui, who said the results could turn and the only entity with the power to declare the final results is the JNE.   In a radio interview with RPP, Reategui implied the possibility of fraud.

“They (ONPE) have only given us part of the data,” said Luz Salgado, a Fujimorista member of Congress since President Alberto Fujimori’s first term of office in 1990.  Salgado said that only when the JNE announces that results at 100%, will Keiko Fujimori make a statement.



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