Poll: Keiko Has Strong Lead Over Potential Presidential Rivals

Fujimori - Keiko and Kenji

Keiko Fujimori, and her brother, congressman Kenji Fujimori.

A year before Peru’s next presidential election, the head of the country’s biggest opposition group, Keiko Fujimori, has a double-digit lead over her next potential rival, according to a new poll.

Pollster Datum reported this week that Fujimori, the daughter of jailed ex-president Alberto Fujimori, would get 33% support if the election were held now, daily Peru.21 reported.

The next closest potential candidate is Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, the former prime minister and finance minister, who has 15% support.

Other potential candidates included in the poll were two-time former president Alan Garcia, with a miserable 9% support —the result of constant corruption scandals, former minister of interior Daniel Urresti, with 7% backing, and former president Alejandro Toledo, with 5% support.

While the 39-year-old Fujimori has a strong lead, her polarizing party could face challenges in a second-round run off vote if she fails to get more than 50% of the vote in the first round.

Fujimori lost to President Ollanta Humala in the 2011 presidential election, due to distrust in her government platform. Despite unease with Humala, many people voted for him over Fujimori over concerns that her government would result in a return to the iron fisted and corrupt rule of her father in the 1990s. Keiko Fujimori has denied she would rule like her father, but one of her main promises in previous presidential campaigns was to release him if she were elected.  She also continues to be surrounded by many of the key players from his administration.

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  1. Perhaps that is exactly what Peru needs – a strong individual that can bring some order to the chaos of present day Lima/Peru. It is time that Peruvians understand that they cannot do whatever they want to do if it infringes on the rights of others.

    • For sure Humala was a bad choice…. but he has been chosen by “cholos” as he is a cholo… as oopsed to well-mannered and educated Garcia 🙂 Realities of life, like in USA people voted for Obama (let’s see who was majority of voters hehe)

      • Julio Fernandez-Davila says:

        You know Andres, its that type of ignorant, stupid comments like yours about a peson’s race or ethnic background that keeps Peru from moving forward! A person’s skin does not condemn that person’s ability or ethical standards from being or doing something great for his country or himself! All that Peru needs are people who are honest and are driven to serve the people to the best of their ability, not their skin color Andre!!! Remember in Peru there are no true bloods of any kind, dig this fool, Cuba which has the worse economy in Latin America, has the most doctors, nurses percentage wise than even the USA, how do you like those apples fool!!!

  2. It would be a very sad day for Peru if Keiko and the Fujimori clan ever was elected into the President’s office. It would turn Peru into endless turmoil, as there is a lot of payback to other Peruvian politicians , for what was done to Keiko’s father. Peru needs the younger generation to have their chance at running the country, not the old corrupt political parties. The last few months, there has been an effort by unknown political forces in Peru, to eliminate potential presidential candidates for the 2016 president’s office, by making up information the tarnish their reputation. But then that is what they do in the United States. Ex president Fujimori should have been deported back to Japan, after his trials. He could then live the good life there, or anywhere else in the world, except never again in Peru. He is will always be a very disruptive force as long as he lives in Peru.

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