Second Bus Accident This Week Results in at Least 10 Fatalities

A bus accident in southern Peru left several people dead and injured on Thursday, the second incident this week on Peru’s mountain highways.

At least 10 people died and 25 were injured when a bus traveling between Arequipa and Puno crashed head on into a mountain, state news agency Andina reported.

Authorities are still investigating the cause of the accident, but they believe it is due to human error.

According to Andina, the bus belonged to the company Flores Hermanos.

Accidents involving inter-provincial buses on Peru’s Andean highways are common, frequently due to human error or mechanical failures.  Many accidents involve smaller bus companies with tight budgets and low standards when hiring drivers.

On Monday, some 20 people died and dozens of others were injured after a bus careened off a cliff on a mountain road in the southern region of Huancavelica.

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  1. “crashed head on into a mountain”? Really? I think we’re missing a few details. Dan

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