Vargas Llosa, Others Back Refusal to Pardon ex-President Fujimori

Vargas Llosa & Perez de CuellarA group of prominent intellectuals, including Nobel Prize author Mario Vargas Llosa, issued a statement supporting the rejection of a pardon request for jailed ex-President Alberto Fujimori, according to state news agency Andina.

The letter, “For the Affirmation of Justice,” said that a pardon can only be given when the inmate is suffering from a terminal illness and has shown repentance for past crimes. “None of those conditions were met,” Andina reported the letter as saying.

“The rejection of the pardon is ethically and legally significant,” the authors said. “To strengthen citizens’ confidence in democratic institutions, Peru needs to end its old tradition of impunity.”

In addition to Vargas Llosa, the letter was also signed by the former secretary general of the United Nations, Javier Perez de Cuellar,  artist Fernando de Szyszlo, jurists Enrique Bernales and Baldo Kresalja, former Constitutional Court judge Delia Revoredo, Univeristy of Lima rector Ilse Wisotzki, novelist Alonso Cueto, and Liberation Theology author and priest Gustavo Gutierrez.

Last Friday, President Ollanta Humala announced that he would not pardon Fujimori, who is serving 25 years in prison for human rights and corruption crimes committed during his administration in the 1990s.

Fujimori’s family had made the request for a pardon based on the former president’s worsening health.

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  1. One must wonder, if the people whose alleged ‘Human Rights’ were violated when they were killed helping Maoist and Marxist Terrorists, were “supporters of Right Wing Politics” and using Terrorism to achieve THOSE ends….WOULD Fujimori be in Prison?

    For Vargas Llosa and others of his ilk, ONLY COMMUNIST LIVES have any value….the rest of the dead….”collateral damage”.

    Save your country from war, economic disaster and terrorists…..and your reward is life in Prison. Nice.

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