Peru to provide financial support for citizens in earthquake-hit Japan

Peru is to provide financial support to its citizens in Japan who are looking to return home following the magnitude-9.0 earthquake that hit the Asian country last week, President Alan Garcia said Wednesday.

“To the Peruvian who wants to return, we have to help,” state news agency Andina reported Garcia as saying. “The Peruvian that is in the disaster area, that has been left with nothing and wants to leave Japan, we also have to help with not only the papers but with a financial subsidy to get a ticket. I think that is absolutely fair.”

The assistance will also be provided to Peruvians who are at risk due to the looming meltdown at the Fukushima power plant, located in northern Japan close to the epicenter of the earthquake, and which was damaged by the ensuing tsunami.

The Peruvian Ambassador in Tokyo, Juan Carlos Capuñay, said only 70 Peruvians live in northern Japan.

Capuñay said the embassy has been unable to locate 34 of the Peruvians since the quake, daily El Comercio reported.

The March 11 earthquake struck off the coast of northeast Japan and caused a tsunami warning across the Pacific. In Peru, local authorities issued alerts and closed coastal roads and ports.  Minor flood damage was reported in some bays in northern Peru and at San Andres in Pisco, south of Lima.

Close to 4,000 people have been confirmed dead in Japan as a result of the quake and tsunami, although officials believe the figure could reach 10,000.

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  1. I’m a little suprised that the government is doing this; but am glad! It is good that peruvians should not need to stay in Japan any longer, and be in constant danger with all of the aftershocks that could cause even more damage.

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