Record Number of Visitors to Peru in First Quarter

More than 860,000 people visited Peru in the first quarter of 2015, an 8.3 percent increase over 2014, according to the Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Magali Silva.

Silva attributes the increase to an intense and continued promotional program through Promperu and the commercial offices in different cities.

This year, Silva said, the ministry expects sales of more than $60 million through the international travel fairs.  Strategic alliances with wholesale operators have also been made in the leading markets, including the United States, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Canada and Spain.

Campaigns in the Latin American region have resulted in an increase of visitors from Mexico, 17%; Colombia, 14.2%, followed by Ecuador with a 9.4 % increase; Argentina, 9.6%; and Brazil with 6%.

Over the past 10 years, annual figures have shown a continuous rise of visitors to the country, from  1.35 million  in 2004 to 3.2 million in 2014.  These figures include not only tourists but also business travelers.

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