Save the Children launches project in 8 Peruvian regions

The U.S.-based rights organization Save the Children has launched a project aimed at tackling child abuse in eight Peruvian regions, the group said in a release.

The initiative is being financed by Spain’s International Cooperation Agency and is expected to benefit some 59,000 children in Peru.

The project, called “Childhood without Violence: A system for the protection of the rights of boys, girls and adolescents,” will be implemented in the regions of Ayacucho, Huancavelica, Haunuco, Loreto, Cusco, Apurimac, Ica and Lima.

The project will include the participation of civil servants and representatives of civil society groups to build capacity for protecting child rights.

It will include setting up a help line in Quechua, carrying out research into the access that children with disabilities have to protection services, and study the state of such services, among others.

“It is a project that aims to stop violence against children through the support of decentralized systems of protection in eight regions in the country,” the director of Save the Children in Peru, Teresa Carpio, said.

“We are going to strengthen the skills of civil servants at Demunas [the municipal advocacy agency for children and adolescents], in the state attorney offices, in the police, the Judicial Branch, in the health and education sectors, and all together work in an articulate way with civil society and organizations for boys and girls in order to build decentralized protection systems,” she added.

Save the Children has similar initiatives in other countries and this project will also be implemented in Ecuador, Carpio said.

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  1. Good samaritanians,a blessing project I wish all kid be protecting and educated,and also be protecting from predators around.
    I have a curiosity why now,before on mids 70 nobody were care about kids.
    I remember otphanates like Casa hogar del Rimac,Chucuito,Maranga jyst yo be like prisons,and guardians just abusing kids even sexualy.

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