Cusco Graffiti Painters Released

A Norwegian and a Peruvian who were caught painting graffiti on a wall in Cusco on the weekend, have been released and are not being charged with any crime, according to reports in Correo.

The Regional Culture Directorate in Cusco deemed they had not committed a crime because their painting of initials was made on a colonial and not an Inca wall.

Christian Briedlid, 24, and Renzo Martin, 37, were found at 3am on Calle Herrajes by municipal guards who gave them the chase and caught them some four blocks away. They were taken into holding at the police station. According to the tourism police, Renzo Martin is physically very similar to the person seen on the city municipality’s closed-circuit TV system defacing the Twelve Angle Stone a week earlier. But based on the more recent incident, the Culture office decided not to press charges on the grounds that the graffiti was not made on Inca walls and there is no evidence of committing other similar acts.

Vandalism has increased against some of Cusco’s iconic landmarks, the most recent being the painting of initials on the Twelve Angle Stone, and also last week, graffiti with aerosol paints covered a large area of nine Inca stones on a wall in Ollantaytambo.

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  1. If painting graffiti on anything except inca walls is legal, then it should be made illegal. Most of these people who do this vandalism will continue this criminal activity, unless stopped with serious penalties. The hard core of these people who run around town in the early morning hours painting graffiti, have a mental illness. They go after high profile targets such as the Inca walls, it is a badge of honor for them. Peru needs to modernize it’s laws.

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