Peru’s García meets with ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya at Government Palace

Ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya Rosales – who is currently touring Latin America to seek support on the peace plan which would lead to his return to power in Honduras – met with Peru President Alan García at the Government Palace in Lima on Wednesday.

“I thank all Peruvians for this warm welcome and for allowing talk about the implications and consequences of this coup, as well as the possible solutions to the problem and the disruption of democracy in Honduras,” said Zelaya, who was greeted with military honors as part of his state visit to Peru.

“My return is imminent,” added Zelaya. “I can’t give up, and I cannot accept to live in exile. I have never been charged with anything, not a single fault, or ever been tried for anything in my entire life. Charges have popped up after the coup.”

Zelaya was ousted from office by the military on June 28, 2009. He was abruptly arrested before polls were scheduled to open in a constitutional referendum – ruled illegal by Honduras’ Supreme Court and strongly opposed by the military. Zelaya, who was elected in 2005 to a non-renewable four-year term, hoped positive results would allow him to run for another term.

“We support democratic government, the Organization of American States’ initiatives and the peace plan presented by Costa Rican President Oscar Arias,” said García. “We hope results can be achieved soon, so that this wound our continent’s democracy has been inflicted can be healed.”

Arias’ peace plan, which calls for Zelaya’s return to power, offers political amnesty to those involved in the coup and schedules early presidential elections, has so far been rejected by Roberto Micheletti, who was sworn in as interim President after Zelaya was deposed.

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