German Report: Peru’s democratic system shows improvements

Peru and Brazil were the only two countries in Latin America that saw an improvement in the local democratic system over last year, according to a report by German foundation Konrad Adenauer Stifftung.

Along with Panama, Argentina, Mexico and Brazil, Peru’s current democratic development is ranked as “medium,” daily Gestion reported.

The report takes into account political rights, civil liberties, institutional quality, political efficiency and the exercise of power by the government.

Chile, Uruguay and Costa Rica lead the region with the best democratic development, while Honduras, the Dominican Republic and Ecuador scored the worst.

The top three countries were notable “for the quality of their institutions and for having a political system that functions with institutional respect and long term schedules.”

While Honduras was ranked poorly largely due to the 2009 coup that ousted then President Manuel Zalaya. The Dominican Republic ranking was based on problems with the exercise of power and institutional issues, while Ecuador also faces challenges with regards to the exercise of power and social development.

Of the 18 Latin American countries ranked in the report, 12 showed a decline with regards to rights and citizen liberties, while institutional quality and political efficiency became worse in 11 cases.

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