Best social networking site for Peru’s expat community gets FB-like facelift

By Rick Vecchio
~ Peruvian Times Editor
Peruvian Times’ sister site has undergone a major redesign with a fabulous social networking application for Peru’s English-speaking international community, or anyone interested in getting an inside view of how things really work in South America’s third largest nation.

Click on image to check out Expat Peru's redesigned site!

Click on image to check out Expat Peru's redesigned site!

The site still features the in-depth forums that international residents living in Peru, and those planning to move here, have come to rely on over the past 15 years. But Expat Peru now also boasts a brand new networking feature, making it easier for you to share information and build community with others.

Now for expats living in Peru, communicating with each other, and building bridges to the Peruvian community at large, is easier than ever.

So, if you are a foreign resident in Peru, or plan to become one, check out the site. It will make your life easier, and help you acclimatize faster to the rhythm of life in Peru.

And as always, if you are a Peruvian who wants to offer helpful advice, you are always most welcome.

Peruvian hospitality is a remarkable feature of this country and it is one of the many reasons foreigners decide to settle here.

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