Floods damage crops, roads and housing in Andean highlands

Floods caused by the rise of the Ilave and Zapatilla Rivers in Puno have damaged crops and the homes of 308 families in the El Collao province, according to Puno’s regional president, Mauricio Rodriguez.  Working with the military, who are building retaining walls, Civil Defense is providing tents, food and bedding for flood victims.

Further north, the government has declared a 60-day state of emergency  in the Ayacucho provinces of Huanta, Huamanga and in Vilcashuaman to deal with the floods and landslides from the continuing rains.

And in Arequipa a state of emergency has also been declared, in order to coordinate actions by different state organizations to solve the problems caused by floods and landslides.

Senamhi, the national weather bureau, forecasts continuing rains for the next several days throughout the highlands.

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