Andean nations sign agreement on electrical integration

Officials from Andean nations met in Lima last Friday and signed a declaration on electrical integration, state news agency Andina reported.

Peruvian Foreign Affars minister Jose Antonio Garcia-Belaunde and his counterparts from Chile, Alfredo Moreno; Colombia, Maria Angela Holguin; and Ecuador, Ricardo Patino, signed the Declaration of Lima on Andean Electrical Integration.

Bolivia is also included in the agreement, but the country’s foreign affairs minister was unable to attend the meeting.

“This is a clear project for integration that will benefit, when we complete it, all of the countries with regard to the quality of life of the people and improving the competitiveness of our productive machines,” Garcia-Belaunde said.

Officials from Colombia will be responsible for completing permits at the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) to receive resources to complete the integration project.

Peru’s Mines and Energy minister, Pedro Sanchez, said the project will allow the countries to exchange energy surplus, optimize the use of networks and the planning of energy generation.

Officials will hold another meeting in September in the Colombian city of Medellin to approve a plan to implement the project.

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